Cars will go unregistered, drivers unlicensed

Waiting at the DMV

No. That’s a lie. Yesterday moncler outlet store AAA was so backed up it was ridiculous. I was told there were 18 people waiting when I walked in. I asked when they would be expanding to meet the demand and was told that the DMV limits AAA on how many stations they can have or they would have added more capacity long ago. Incredible.

cheap moncler jackets California is by far the best example I have ever seen of big government failure. Can’t wait to get the hell out. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler sale By the way, when setting my kid up in an out of state college, the DMV wait was actually two minutes. It’s always like that. I’ll be moving there and not telling Californians where I went. cheap moncler sale

My latest moncler outlet visit to the DMV was just about 1 month ago. I bought a new car and had to transfer the title and do registration.

I went online the same day I bought it, and the earliest appointment I could get was 1 month away! However, I legally required to transfer the ownership within 10 days of buying a car? LOL.

moncler mens jackets I decided to take 1/2 day off work and go in person without an appointment. moncler mens jackets

I looked moncler outlet online online and it said in WC the wait time was around 1 hr 10 minutes around noon. I thought that wasn so bad. I moncler sale got there and there was a line AROUND THE BUILDING!

cheap moncler outlet HELPFUL NOTE the moncler jacket sale wait times that show on the website are not accurate cheap moncler jackets they only reflect the wait time once you are inside and have a ticket. They don include the 2.5 hrs you have to spend waiting OUTSIDE to get in! So after everything it was about 4 hrs total. Unbelievable. cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet Those breezily boasting of going and out probably haven been since the double whammy of ID and the new cheap moncler queing system. I used to be one of those people. I used to advise people, go to Walnut Creek, I usually out in an hour. No more. moncler outlet

buy moncler jackets About two months ago I spent almost six hours at Walnut Creek. That cheap moncler coats gave me lots of time to compare notes and conduct exit polls. 5 6 hours was typical. I also met refugees from Oakland DMVs, that had literally moncler outlet jackets waited ALL DAY the previous day and then were turned away. buy moncler jackets

The ID was rumored to be the root cause. Like a traffic jam, things just snow ball from there. Many people left almost immediately. My time is kind of my own these days, but I remember the days of taking half days off from work, or otherwise trying to keep a lot of plates in the air and also carve out a few hours to waste at the DMV. Now you need a whole day. This is going to have a real impact on California economy. Cars will go unregistered, drivers unlicensed.

cheap moncler To exacerbate an already horrendous situation, the DMV has cunningly paired it with an act of immaculate cruelty. Gone is the old cueing system with numbers like B43 or F87, where you can watch your sequence progress and get a ballpark idea of moncler factory outlet how long it be until your number is up. Now they create a number with your initials and phone number. Like John Smith gets JS1234. Not only is this an appalling broadcast of personal information, it creates a torturous situation were you have no way to anticipate when you will be called, and thus have to listen to each and every number for several hours lest you miss yours. And if you DID miss your number, you have no cheap moncler jackets sale way to know that, unlike the old system. cheap moncler

moncler outlet sale I am usually a staunch opponent of privatizing government functions, but for the California DMV I make an exception. The headline / ballot item should be: Martinez needs moncler Cheap Moncler Jackets outlet sale

moncler outlet store G. on ALERT: Woman moncler sale outlet Stabbed moncler jackets outlet To Death On BART Train, MacArthur Station ClosedYeah, no. moncler outlet store

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OHnO on ALERT: Woman Stabbed To Death On BART Train, MacArthur Station ClosedWhy would they protest if it wasn’t committed by BART police? It was a random act of violence not an «accidental» shooting of an unarmed

moncler outlet online Lyn on The Water Cooler My mom went in a month ago at the Concord DMV with an appointment to take a written exam to renew her license. She waited moncler outlet online

Rollo Tomasi on Claycord Talk About Politics»Note to the impaired: Obama and Hillary are not in office. The buck stops with Trump now.» Wow. Exactly. Many Californians are way to quick to try and blame the police. Lack of personal responsibility is the cause. The police are

moncler sale Sign from Above on UPDATE: Westbound Hwy.24 Back Open After Deadly Police ChaseUnfortunately, although not in this case, we are seeing a lot of stories about criminals going the wrong direction on the freeway knowing the police moncler sale

Palermo on ALERT: Woman Stabbed To Death On BART Train, MacArthur Station ClosedI took BART for over thirty years, but would not get on it these days. They can pretend they are on top of things, but

Always Right on ALERT: Woman Stabbed To Death On BART Train, MacArthur Station ClosedI remember months of protests and constant media attention following the tragic accidental shooting of a suspect by a cheap moncler outlet BART officer. Will the media follow

moncler sale outlet Lena on UPDATE: Westbound Hwy.24 Back Open After Deadly Police ChaseThey missed their flight yestetday because of the traffic, and will have to fly out today at 5:30am, instead, after rebooking it moncler sale outlet.